Striper Fishing Bait Tips

May 19, 2017 admin

Striper Bait Tanks & Livewell Systems
The most vital part of the Bait Tank is the filtration and the aeration.

The Dannco Venturi System is priceless for bait tank aeration it is by far the best aeration mechanism in the Bait Tank industry.
The Keep Alive System is also a good aeration system but the flaw of inherent design leads to untimely pump burnout do to the impeller constantly slicing and dicing the air bubbles
While Fishing for Stripers on Smith Mountain Lake don’t forget about the salt in the bait tank. This will offer several benefits for the bait.
A 20% water change every 6 hours is also recommended for healthy lively bait.
Salt has to be replenished after all water changes
Be sure the water in the bait tank is within 5 degrees of the water in Smith Mountain Lake. This will prevent the bait fish from shock and save you effort, time, money, and energy catching more bait.
Stripers love Live Bait not half dead and sick bait!