SML Striper Fishing Rednose Baits

June 7, 2017 admin

Some Striper Fishing Tips here on Smith Mountain Lake are born out of dire straights. So, let me set the stage.. The Rods were set/ the bait looked like monster silver shark baits and the Guided Striper Fishing on Smith Mountain Lake had just began..The Monster gizzard shad swam in the baittank as the SML stripers began to roll on the shallow flats.. bang – bang- the Striper rods screamed and the line peeled from the reels most of the morning. And by mid-day the moneymaker monster shad that had come so hard to come by had gotten the infamous “rednose” kiss of death…What do you do?All the articles say do a water change..yeah yeah–but some days even that seems like futile effort.

As a last ditch effort to save these beautiful shad and save the remainder of the fishing day while the Stripers still fed vigorously in front of us.. I changed the water for the 2nd time and added SALT..not a like a hand full of salt..more like 5-6 handfuls of salt..and after 15min the “Rednosed” baitfish that had the kiss of death came back to life silver and shiny again and the red was no longer present #FishingMiracles. So, what I saying is out of desperation for the chase of monster Stripers on Smith Mountain Lake I learned to Resurrect tournament winning baitfish by overloading them with salt in the event that your water changes doesn’t seem to work.

Till Next tide..
Captain Travis Fitzgerald
PointRunner’s Striper Fishing Guide Service on Smith Mountain Lake Va